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박 유천
Korea (South)
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Stage Name. Micky Yoochun 믹키유천
Chinese. 朴有天 / 秘奇有天
Japanese. ユチョン

Profession. Singer, rapper, composer, songwriter, actor, and model
Birthdate. 1986 June 4 (Gemini ; Fire Tiger)
Birthplace. Seoul, South Korea
Height/Weight. 180cm / 64kg
Blood type. O
Education. Chantilly High School, Ha-Nam High School, Kyung Hee University

    Best Artist [2001 American Singing Competition, Virginia]
    Special Award [2003 KBN Teens Singing Competition]
    Best Male Rookie, Popular Netizens Award, Best Couple Award with
      Park Minyoung
(Sungkyunkwan Scandal) [2010 KBS Drama Awards]
    Most Popular TV Male Actor, Best New Actor for TV Dramas
      (Sungkyunkwan Scandal) [2011 47th Paeksang Arts Awards]
    Asia Popularity Award, Outstanding Korean Actor (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
      [2011 Seoul International Drama Awards]
    Best Newcomer (Miss Ripley) [2011 MBC Drama Awards]
    Most Popular TV Male Actor (Miss Ripley) [2012 48th Paeksang Arts
    Asia Popularity Award, Outstanding Korean Actor (Rooftop Prince)
      [2012 Seoul International Drama Awards]
Nonstop 6 Rainbow Romance (2005)
SBS Banjun Theater (2005-06)
Vacation: Eternal (2006)
Dating on Earth (2006)
BeeTV Beautiful Love ~君がいれば~ (2010)
KBS2 Sungkyunkwan Scandal / 성균관 스캔들 (2010)
MBC Miss Ripley Who I Loved... / 미스 리플리 (2011)
SBS Rooftop Prince / 옥탑방 왕세자 (2012)
MBC Missing You(/I Want to See You) / 보고싶다 (2012)
Tokyo Lovelight (DJ Makai, Stars, 2008/09/24)
Heartquake (Super Junior, Vol. 3: Sorry Sorry, 2009/03/12)
My Girlfriend (TVXQ, Runaway/My Girlfriend, 2008/02/13)
been so long (Jejung & Yuchun from 東方神起, Tribute: Maison de M-Flo,
COLORS ~Melody & Harmony~, Shelter (Jejung & Yuchun from 東方神起, COLORS
    ~Melody & Harmony~/Shelter, 2009/09/30)
I Love You (JYJ, The Beginning, 2010/10/14)
너를 위한 빈자리 (The Empty Space for You) (Park Yoochun, Miss Ripley
    OST, 2011/06/21)
Love After Love (TVXQ, Rising Sun, 2005/9/12)
Evergreen (SM TOWN, Only Love, 2007)
My Girlfriend (TVXQ, Runaway/My Girlfriend, 2008/02/13)
사랑 안녕 사랑 Love Bye Love (TVXQ, Mirotic, 2008/09/26)
Kiss the Baby Sky (TVXQ, Bolero/Kiss the Baby Sky/Wasurenaide, 2009/01/21)
COLORS ~Melody & Harmony~ (Jejung & Yuchun from 東方神起,
    COLORS ~Melody & Harmony~/Shelter, 2009/09/30)
I Love You (JYJ, The Beginning, 2010/10/14)
Mission, 이름없는 노래 (Nameless Song) Part 1 (JYJ, Music Essay:
    Their Rooms, 2010/12/27)
Get Out (JYJ, In Heaven, 2011/09/27)
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